Why Are Resolutions Easy To Make But Hard To Keep?

Resolutions are easy to make because making them is a habit.  We participate in a national and in some cases a world tradition by resolving to make THIS YEAR the best year EVER!


Often we are not specific enough in our goals for the New Year.  To demonstrate lets discuss the two most common resolutions.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Make more money

The first step is laying claim to the resolution but these blanket statements do not say anything more than what you want.  We need to be specific and include more about the how and when.  Give yourself a timeframe to lose X number of pounds.  Give yourself a time frame to have X amount of dollars in your bank account or to pay off credit cards.  Without a finish line to strive for it becomes really easy to quit.

Challenge yourself but don’t make it too hard.  Losing 100 pounds in a month is unrealistic and unhealthy.  Robbing a bank is a risky way to make more money.  Too often we set goals around results out of our control and then quit when it becomes too difficult.

Losing weight and making more money this year are not “out there” goals.  They are very doable when a plan to succeed is created.  Having lots of intention but no willingness to change is a recipe for failure.  If you are not at your ideal weight or you are not making the money you want you will need to do something different this year.  Resolutions are not suppose to be wishes… they are motivators towards Action towards Change – towards Success!  Think of your end goal as sitting at the top of the stairs and that you’ll need to accomplish each step towards it.  If you’re trying to lose weight, look at your diet, start a workout routine, get more sleep, use the next 12 months to create a plan.  Not just to lose the weight but to keep it off.  The same goes for making more money.  Do you plan to get another job, open your own business, sink your teeth into a business you’re trying to grow… start where you are and create a plan for the next 12 months.  Creating a plan allows you to pace yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day… you don’t have to change everything January 1 and lose interest by January2.  Get on a path and take the journey.

To Your Financial Health

Tami Ross

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