It’s B-School Season

I love this time of year. No not winter, B-School Season!

It took me a few years to sign up to B-School. I had financial concerns because it was a big commitment at the time, but mostly I was wishy-washy about making a decision. I’m truly great at finding a million reasons why I shouldn’t do something… which is why I’ve spent so much time learning how to execute that one reason why I should do something.

Last year I sat down with my mentor, showed him B-School and asked for his thoughts. I was surprised at how short the conversation was. He simply said, “go for it”.

Here’s the thing. He was always up for education and learning in any form or fashion. And when it was about business he thought you couldn’t go wrong. I learned a lot from that quick meeting. It launched me on a year of self discovery and clarity that has changed everything.

The minute I got home I opened up my email and found a message from Natalie MacNeil, founder of She Takes on the World, sharing her bonus and I was in.

I love how Marie Forleo has expanded her B-School reach by supporting other business leaders that complement her program. There were a lot of bonus programs last year, as you’ll find again this year, but for me, signing up with Natalie and the Conquer Club have been a match made in heaven. I don’t know how I found Natalie, but I had been watching her weekly videos for quite a few months when B-School came around again. I think I felt a connection because she was Canadian and I grew up in Nova Scotia, she was a media producer and I’m a short film producer. What ever it was I felt pulled in the most wonderful way to engage.

Why I Chose B-School

I spent two years working on a business that I loved, but struggled to find my voice within it, which is ironic given the fact the business is a voice over company for e-learning and web modules. The business is growing, but personally I am finding joy else where. My marketing and freelance non-business is growing faster, without effort, and I see daily impacts of how I am helping the businesses I am working with.

It is truly inspiring, but can it be a business when there are so many other business coaches and online gurus out there?

B-School and the Conquer Club showed me it could be. I spent most of last year clarifying Word of Mouth Media while continuing to work on freelance projects and acting as the Director of Marketing for Binders Art Supplies and Frames.

I’m a multi-passionate, multi-visionairy, multi-talented, lover of the creative life. B-School along with the Conquer Club has helped me weave a tapestry of who I am and develop a platform on which I can move all my businesses and streams of revenue forward.

I’m excited to start my sophomore year, share in the successes and aha moments of my fellow alumni and do my best to help those starting their first year. It’s going to feel overwhelming at times but know you’re making a decision that can change your life.

If you’re on the fence, let me offer you this bit of advice.

My mentor passed away in November. It’s been a rough transition, but everyday I realize he left me genius nuggets of wisdom that I find everywhere. When faced with a decision he’d make a list of pros and cons. Then he’d look at the con list and figure out a way to either move it to the pro side or cross it off the list. He just didn’t see problems. Not the kind of problems that stop us in our tracks and make us question everything. He always saw opportunities and if he didn’t see it as an opportunity he just didn’t do it. It was with this mindset that he could move on from his decisions without stress, what ifs or regret.

If you’re struggling to find your path, if you want to take your business to the next level, if you just want to find a way to communicate your vision, B-School can help and The Conquer Club will keep you engaged and focused for as long as you need. I’m sharing this because I believe in it. Because I did it. Because this year I’ll do it again. I receive no compensation for recommending B-School or The Conquer Club. I will however share this link for convenience. Get off the fence already… another year is a long time to wait!

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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