Journey Jar


My friend gave me a journey jar as a gift and I wanted to share it’s significance to 52 weeks forward.

We’re all on a journey. Even those of us heading down the same path will find that their journey is unique to them. And that is where the journey jar comes in.

Shelly is a film professor in New Mexico and I only get to see her a few times a year. On her journey home this year she gave me and few other friends these jars. We will spend the year collecting and honoring our journeys and this time next year we will get together to share some of the significant moments.

I love it! So often we make huge progress in our lives. Or experience momentous change and we’re hard on ourselves. Maybe we didn’t go as far as we wanted or we forget how far we’ve come.

Embracing the journey and documenting it is the central theme of 52 weeks forward.

Making a Journey Jar

Journey JarNaturally any container will work, but I gotta say, I love mason jars. There is just something about them that makes me feel connected to the past, grounded in the present and encouraged for the future.

Shelly stamped a copper tag with the words journey jar. As a perfectionist, this became a bit of a journey for her. Letting go of the need for the letters to align and embracing the charm that each of these will be unique in their sameness.

She wrapped the top with a rustic piece of ribbon and tied on the tag.

Simple and beautiful.

I put my jar on my Paris shelve, it’s where I keep all my books on Paris, bits and pieces I’ve brought back and my plans to travel there as soon as I can.

Memories in a Jar

So what am I going to put in my journey jar this year?

It started yesterday with a movie stub. A movie I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like but was thrilled to see so I could spend a little time with my friends.

Making Memories for the Journey Jar

I laughed through the whole thing. Laughed so hard I cried twice.

There will more movies, trips, restaurants, and adventures, but I will add a lot of my 52 weeks forward into my jar as well.

How will you remember your journey?

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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