weekthree_52weeksforward_blogheader_drop the excusesDrop the excuses, they prevent success.

Excuses are dangerous because it doesn’t take much to turn them into a belief. If we believe something external is always at fault than we remove any opportunity to correct our actions or develop solutions to our problems. We simply stop progressing. Addictions to excuses is a spiral downward.


So how do we break the habit?

1. Embrace responsibility

There is absolute freedom in embracing responsibility and taking ownership for your piece. “X is on me”, is not about taking false ownership but agreeing that on some level you were responsible. Resolution usually doesn’t care what that level is. That is for you to internally decide and make efforts to correct. This is often most apparent in customer service issues. It’s so easy to blame any number of reasons as to why there is an issue. The customer often doesn’t care about where the breakdown occurred. They care about how it is impacting them. No matter how true or thought out the excuse, it does not change what happened to them or their experience. Not accepting their reality is detrimental to the over all vision of what ever it is you are trying to achieve.

2. Rationalization

We rationalize because we’re human. Rationalizing our behavior means we miss clues. I often rationalize my defensiveness. I take my time management and organization skills seriously, when they are questioned, especially when I’m not actually asked any questions first, I get defensive. I’m working on it. Self awareness is key. Acceptance is key. Stop rationalizing my behavior is key. We all have triggers that seem to set us off more than others. When we start rationalizing our excuses and our behavior it’s time to take a look inward.

3. Prioritize

There is always a way. Knowing what you want and prioritizing goals toward it will help you focus on what’s important. Write down all your excuses for why you haven’t completed a goal or accomplished a task and then write down a way to make it work. If you hold onto those excuses you will only find walls. Create solutions and build doors.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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