If there was an over arching theme for 52 weeks it would be planning and executing a timeline. I know it’s easy to get so caught up on the planning that we don’t actually get started. But I also believe that a huge amount of freedom comes from a structure of fundamentals. It sounds counter-intuitive. Structure = Freedom. Let’s dig in.



Create a Timeline that Works

Committing to a timeline of actions to complete within a certain time frame is the best way to ward off procrastination and frustration while staying true to the end goal.

I tend to work backward from a goal or result. But the key is to filter it through your regular timeline.

If you have kids in school, than maybe you work your timeline around their schedule. Paying attention to their terms, breaks and holidays will give you a structure to wrap your activities around.

Maybe your day job has a specific calendar of busy and slow times, of corporate retreats and meetings, that dictate how you manage your personal time.

Maybe you are a member of a religious organization that builds their calendar around specific holidays and events.

These are all great examples of calendar structure that we use to plan our daily lives and it’s important to incorporate these filters when planning our 52 weeks forward.

How To Make a Timeline

1. What is your main goal? Your, “a year from now you will have wished you started today” idea

2. What is your plan to achieve it?

3. What activities will you need to execute in-order to travel toward you goal?

4. Working backward from your goal to today, create a time frame that incorporates your natural calendar.

5. Fill out your personal timeline as it relates to your goal.

6. Looking at your timeline in a visual manner do any barriers pop up? How will you address those?

7. Commit to your timeline.

8. Add in time to measure your progress.

9. Learn from your opportunities and don’t give up.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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