And the fears that once controlled me, Can’t get to me at all” Let it Go, from Frozen written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Let it go


Let it go isn’t just the hook for a Disney block buster. It’s a way of life that can help move you forward.

Thinking about the past is normal, dwelling in the past can feel a lot like being stuck. Past events can become anchors, and if we let them, keep us from living the life we desire.

Are there things that keep you stuck? People, expectations, habits, desires, ideas, relationships, conversations, judgements, memories…

Now is the time to let them go. Here are a few exercises to help.

Spell it Out

Last week we talked about journal writing. This week let’s explore our anchors. Putting pen to paper can be tough. Really laying down the ideas that swirl through our heads and take up a lot of space is a mindful exercise. It mean slowing the thoughts enough to write them down. To purge them from your mind and give yourself a moment to truly connect to your emotions.

No comes the most important part. Let it go. Watch it go through a shredder, dig a hole and bury it, or my personal favorite, burn it. I know it sounds incredibly goofy, but if you haven’t tried it and you’re still feeling stuck, what do you have to lose?

Find Support

If the thing is bigger than you. If it’s an addiction or abuse find a support group, consult a trained therapist and source help. You don’t have to hold on to this thing any more. Know that letting go and moving on doesn’t mean forgetting or even forgiving. It means you are taking back the power – your anchor does not own you and you need to stop giving it permission to keep you from your dreams.

Dwell on the Good

What are you grateful for? Sometimes we just need to re focus our thoughts. That doesn’t mean we don’t deal with our anchor. Ignoring the anchor is not going to make it go away. But understanding that there is a balance is an important step in being able to let go of whats holding you back.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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