A word for whyA word for why is about finding focus.

Call it a mantra, call it a theme, call it anything you want, but make it a word that resonates with your mission.


Every year I pick a word (or maybe the word picks me) to study and discover. It’s always a word that centers me and brings my rambling mind back into focus.

Last year I dug into the word “woman” and read such books as The Alphabet Verses the Goddess, Wisewoman and Half the Sky. The year before I investigated “miracles” studying A Course in Miracles, May Cause Miracles and various articles on the concept.

This year I found my word in the most unexpected place. In a Jewish temple listening to a sermon given by a Baptist preacher during a Martin Luther King Jr celebration.

I was struggling this year to find a word that fit. I wanted something that resonated with all the change I had experienced in 2014 but also wanted to stay true to my vision of a word worthy of study and contemplation.

During the service the preacher spoke of how clear the message is that can sometimes come to us… and in the silence between that sentence and the next I heard the word “bridge” as clear as if he had spoke it.

Bridge, it fit perfectly.

Isn’t that what we are building this year? A bridge between today and where we want to be a year from now. The practice of writing these posts and completing the work is building a bridge. And of course now that it’s top of mind I see it everywhere.

This year I’d like us to align our word with our why. Pick a word that resonates with this journey of 52 weeks we’ve started. And use the word to keep you centered and focused.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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