I remember the first time I went looking for inspiration.  I was passing around my high school year book and one of my teachers wrote “go big or stay home”.  I remember feeling utterly disappointed.  It wasn’t just the lack of originality; it was the lack of options it encouraged.  I knew then that “what inspires” is different for everyone.

Dream or vision boards got a huge boost when “The Secret” launched the “law of attraction”.  My “dream boards” started years before in a file folder I labeled “dreams in the making”.  I collected everything in that folder – pictures from magazines, great quotes, and love notes.  If it inspired me in any way it went into the folder.  From time to time I would pick through it and organize items.  When I designed my first home all the ideas were found in this folder.  Pictures, textures, and ideas were spread across the apartment floor and a bigger picture emerged and found reality on a solid foundation.

Organizing your thoughts into a visual pattern gives your dreams focus and attention.  Success is a daily practice.  Knowing what you want and giving energy to it can have amazing effects.

alovely_DreamBoard_may09When I say I “dream” of a cabin in the North GA Mountains I’m really saying I dream of fast moving water, singing birds, a crackling fire and lots of great wine.  I envision being wrapped in a handmade quilt sitting on a hand crafted Adirondack chair reading my favorite book.  The cabin I designed sits behind me, a fire burns in front of me and a breeze blows my hair in a coastal haphazard way.  As this vision started to take form in my mind I used pictures from magazines and internet searches to make it into a solid idea I could easily communicate.

There will always be reasons not to follow our dreams, but I can’t see any reason as to why we can’t make them as real as possible.  The exercise I give my dreams (while working on the path towards them) is to create a page that captures their texture and emotion.  Making my dream tangible is a way of actively pursuing it.  I’m putting creative energy into all my dreams and turning them something that is outside of me.

And you can too…

Start a collection of images that inspire you.  You can use anything as your base.  I use a scrapbook now but in the past I’ve used art books, journals, art board, etc…  spirals are great because you can lay them flat.

alovelydream_a_may09You will need a few things that you probably have around the house or could pick up at a local store.

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers, pens or pencils

Use magazines, junk mail, newspapers or print imagines from the internet to get you started.  You can make artistic collages or paste the images in any format that shares the story of your dream.  This is your own book of inspiration!  Look through it often and keep collecting… you never know when inspiration will strike.

To Your Financial Health
Tami Ross

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3 Responses to Secrets of Success in Daily Practice

  1. Tami, nicely said. You got me to thinking about my dreams. I used to have lofty goals and dreams when I was younger. For some reason the real world took over my dreams and I just lost sight of where I wanted to be. I think this is the story for most people. Too many times we settle and readjust our dreams down to our reality. The problem with that is we start to lower our standards and we settle for average. We never push ourselves to exceed our current status level. Your dreams stretch you to do more and they give you power to make changes. I also believe in setting goals that step you toward your dreams. While dreams are important, goals are little victories along the way that drive you to your dreams.
    So, well said and great advice. Don’t ever lose sight of your dreams. You may not make all of them come true but if you reach for the stars you will never come up with a handful of mud.

    David Beckham

  2. Tami says:

    Thanks David! I couldn’t agree more!!!

    Live in constant victory my friend!

  3. […] read an article called “Secrets of Success in Daily Practice” on a friend of mine’s blog, http://www.tamiross.com that got me to thinking about my goals and […]

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