My family and I are in Savannah GA enjoying a working holiday, a new perspective and recharging our inspiration batteries. I find motivation in new places, meeting new people and learning a new way of doing things… so does my husband and as a songwriter a change of pace always get his creative juices flowing.

I mention this because it’s important to know how to recharge. Did you ever have a great idea but did not know what to do next? Here you are pumped, wanting to share it, but then you get the wind knocked out of your sails or you can’t fully verbalize what it is you want to accomplish. Your great idea ends up back on the shelve or worse back out into the world to be grabbed by someone else and that boost of energy is gone before it is fully charged into action. It’s like opening the best gift ever and noticing it DID NOT come with batteries. That’s why I applaud the makers of The Flip. I opened it up Christmas morning with a half charged battery and started creating within a few minutes.

As business owners we know all too well the activities that make us money. We want to keep the energy of the moment going, but staying the course can be frustrating and full of road blocks and days when you just want to sleep in… THIS IS NORMAL! These are the days you get to refuel. So how do you want to spend it?

Let’s call them charge-cations! The goal is to step away a few times a month from whatever you’re doing and recharge. Revisit your why. Go play in the park… ohh I’m having visions of Richard Gere walking bare-foot in Pretty Woman. Go to a movie in the middle of the day… go early enough to see the previews, get extra butter on the popcorn… have an ahhhh moment… this is great because they’ll force you to turn off your phone. Find 4 other business owners and take a three hour lunch… aka brain storming session. Make a list of 5 things and go on a scavenger hunt in your home town – warning this may require talking to new people!!!

Whatever boosts your energy will charge your batteries… do this a few times a month and you won’t have time to engage in those down in the dump days.  For 40 more ways to relax and recharge check out this fantastic blog post on Dumb Little Man.

To Your Financial Health!

Tami Ross

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  1. Socco says:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.
    Have a nice day

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