There is nothing like visiting with old friends to be reminded that time is an illusion. Oh there is indication that time has passed (I believe we may be morphing into our parents)… but really it felt like no time had passed at all.

Old FriendsTodd and I graduated from Duncan MacMillan High School in June 1993. That may have been the last time I laid on eyes on him.

Saturday we met at Stone Mountain Park for an afternoon of catching up and adventure. I was excited to meet his wife Tamara. We are friends on Facebook, but had never actually met in person. I love searching through her posts to read up on policies and politics, especially since like me, it’s filtered through the experiences of a Canadian living in the US.

Todd is in the military, doing exactly what he always said he wanted to do. That makes him a double hero in my book. I’m fascinated by those who know their place in the world and do it with such passion and grace. Not only does he stand on guard for thee – Canadians and hockey fans will see what I did there – he is also living his dream. And to top it all off I love that he and Tamara are giving their kids the gift of travel. Stationed in the mid-west, they have been using vacation time to visit every nook and cranky of the good ole US of A. An activity which has brought them to my neck of the woods.

And speaking of kids, our young-ins became fast friends and the park gave them plenty of opportunities to bond. Peyton is devastated they will not be back through anytime soon. It is a big country after all and there is a lot more to see!

SkycourseHopefully it won’t be another 22 years before we see one another again!

Have you connected with an old friend recently? Did it feel like no time had passed?

If you haven’t maybe now is the time to reach out. Social media it’s easier than ever!

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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