I hate to admit it but I’ve been a little caught up in the Wiener / Twitter scandal.  I’m driving my husband crazy with all the updates and as his eyes glaze over I can almost hear the judge at the Edgy Treadgood trial screaming, “I don’t give a good god damn…”

I have two hands to count my fascination.  On one hand there is the whole debate around “Is Internet sex cheating?  On the other hand there is the major oops  in the execution of a “single” tweet.

I love social media because it is SOCIAL!  I use it every day to build relationships with a number of people, some of whom have turned into amazing friendships and every now and then we actually come off line for face to face coffee.  In 5+ years I can’t think of one instance of someone sending me an inappropriate message, just a minute while I knock on wood. OK, I’m back.

As an online business enthusiast it seems to me that online sexting offers a great opportunity.  Plenty of consumers, autonomy, a certain level of safety and the medium becomes both the marketing tool and the delivery vehicle.   I don’t plan to get into the debate of whether or not it’s cheating, that is for each couple to decide, but as always I welcome your comments.

My problem with Wiener wasn’t his tweeting, it was the lying about it.  I’ve long since learned that lying isn’t always premeditated, it’s part of our flight or fight programing.  Self preservation is a powerful emotional response in almost any situation.  With so many legitimate cyber bullying and company destroying hacking it was a bit annoying that he went with that story.

As Social Media and Community Media Managers we have access to the online account of our customers.  We assist in our customer’s marketing efforts by mimicking their voice and sharing their stories.  And I know the feeling when I accidentally post something to the wrong account, nothing as huge as a lude photo, but this whole mess has me thinking of the power of the intimate connection and how we as social media managers manage the relationship and the content.

Other than lead generation, I don’t personally engage with my client’s followers.  I manage the content and ensure the information is provided in a relevant, timely and effective manner.  In 3-4 140 characters or less I can qualify a follower, encourage dialogue and provide a great lead to a sales team member.  It is the boiled down, quick to the point type of communication that makes Tweeter so effective for relationship building.  And if it’s working in business, you know it’s working in our personal lives.  We reach out on our social media platforms and receive instant gratification, acolytes and pats the backs in an amazing short amounts of time.  We are mass communicating and filtering through the masses to find the ones we want to build deeper relationships with.

I think social media is bringing back a stronger sense of community.  It allows us to network far and wide within chosen communities.  It enriches both our personal, social and business lives and sometimes it teaches us that what we have offline is also worthy of a little twittering.

Tweet On!

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