I’ve been working from home in one way or another since before I left my parents home.  Not all of my business adventures were successful, but they all taught me something.  I love working from home!

There are so many work from home opportunities available to us that I wanted to take this month to explore a few of them, starting first with the Remote Office.

First, I’d like to mention the reality of SCAMS.  Working from home can provide an excellent work/life solution, like it has for me, but there are those that pray on those looking for a solution, so due diligence on your part is always required when assessing an opportunity.

The remote office is the 5 minute commute in your pj’s, however, in this scenario, you’re an employee in a company that has set you up with a home office.  This is great when you want to work from home, but you don’t want to run your own business.

Peyton alseep under my deskThe minute I found out I was pregnant I started planning my remote office.  My boss set up a direct line to my cell phone and back in the day, my laptop worked around two firewalls to access my work computer physically located in the “real” office.

For the first few years I would run in one day a week, but I gave that up and created a flexible schedule that worked extremely well for both me and the company.

It wasn’t always sunshine and roses, but it did make life a little easier.

Here are a few things that helped with the transition:

1. Having an open communication with my boss about the expectations on both sides.  This really helped with my schedule and closing down my day, even though I was always in the office!

2.  Not taking personal calls.  I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but working from home takes a lot of discipline  There are lots of distractions and it’s easy to lose a few hours talking on the phone or doing chores.

3.  Get out of the house.  I love taking full advantage of my lunch hour to attend networking events or hosting lunches.  This is such a great way to keep from isolating yourself.

4.  Hire a professional.  If you’re not computer savvy, hire a professional to set up your remote office.  This will reduce your stress, provide you with a local contact should have an issue and will ensure a smooth transition.

5.  If possible, use a space where you can shut the door and leave the office at the office.

Do you work from home in a remote office?  I’d love to know your experience with it.

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