Monday is our big marketing day!

Both my husband and I are artists.  I’m an in my spare time kind of artist.  I sell a lot of my pieces, which keeps me in art supplies and motivated to learn more about art and design.  I like working from the kitchen table and usually pull my pieces together from a mess of stuff on the floor.  It’s the one part of the house that always looks like a bomb went off.

My husband, however is a full time singer songwriter.  When we first started dating he was a songwriter and a road musician.  He came off “the road” before our daughter was born to write full time.  A lot of people don’t realize that being a songwriter is a J-O-B.  They clock in and clock out, have a quota, and don’t see the money for their work until their song is cut by an artist.

A few years ago he decided to record an album of his songs and we formed Deep Fried Discs to brand, market and promote Jefferson Ross.  His second album releases this month and we’re deep into booking gigs and radio promotion.  Jeff does most of his marketing through social media and uses specialized ning networks to book his gigs.  He runs everything from his laptop and cell phone and outsources certain activities, such as radio promotion, to professionals with the contacts that increase our rate of success.

As a lover of all things Southern, Jefferson brands himself as such.  In his social marketing he shares a lot of his recipes, writes about his favorite artists and share his passion for travel.  He spends a lot of time not just writing songs but creating content for his various social media platforms.

I asked him the other day to give me a little insight into why he prefers to work from home over clocking in at the writer’s house.  I’ve listed out his top three:

1. I feel like my overall product is better.  Why?  Because I can take my time and think about the end result instead of looking at the clock.  In other words, when I was writing on Music Row in Nashville, there was always a rush to get something completed before lunch because my co-writer always had another appointment right after that.  Now, at home, unless there is some dire deadline, I can work on the idea, take a walk, think, make lunch, think some more, take another walk, breathe and let the idea grow….so, when the project is completed it’s deeper, richer and…better.

2.  There are less distractions.  I work in my bedroom and my wife works from the living room.  It’s quiet.  No one pops in to say hi and network.  Stuff gets done in an amazingly short amount of time.

3.  The schedule is rubber.  It doesn’t feel weird to work on a project at 10 at night if I feel like it.  Or, 7 in the morning.  It also doesn’t feel weird to take a 2 hour lunch to recharge my creative batteries.  The work will get done…just not in someone else’s time frame.  I never feel the resentment of working ‘overtime’ nor do I feel the guilt of ‘playing hooky’.  Resentment and guilt take up a lot of time that I just don’t have.  I prefer making good work.

Number two really hit me… not just because I do pop into “his office” to say hi from time to time.  But, because I feel more efficient for the same reasons.  As a social person in the office, I was always down the hall talking to this person or that person, not to mention catching up with everyone coming in and out of the office.  I don’t have that at home.  I can set aside pure hours, full 60 minutes to complete tasks and action items.  For that reason alone I can’t imagine working in an “office” again.

What are your favorite reasons for working from home?

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