“Make your product easier to buy than your competition,
or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.”

Mark Cuban

We can agree that marketing is suppose to help increase sales.  We invest in marketing vehicles because we expect a return on our investment in the form of sales.

One of the most time consuming and extremely important pre-marketing activities you can invest in, is knowing your customer’s mindset.

I’m often at networking events and when exchanging business cards I like to ask “who their perfect customer is?” and more often then not I get a pretty vague response.

What I’m really looking for is a description of someone I may already have in my network!

Usually I’ll get the “oh my product is good for anyone, or someone with disposable income”.  I know from personal experience that this doesn’t work.  I used to think that everyone gives gifts from time to time so I should be marketing to EVERYONE.

What a waste of time and money!!!

What are demographics?

Demographics are the characteristics of a specific group.  (your target audience)

The characteristics you will want to know and describe as your target audience may include:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Race
  4. Income
  5. Education
  6. Home Ownership
  7. Employment
  8. Transportation preference
  9. Hobbies

How can I get this information?

We’re lucky, we live in a time were a lot of this information can be found online.  Surveys are an excellent way to gain insight and information.  You can also capture specific information during newsletter sign ups, etc.

OK, so now what?

Once you know your customer’s demographics you need to learn their mindset.

For example, the 20 year old looking for anti age skin care products will respond to a different message than say a 50 year old looking for the same product.  The marketing content must reflect the needs and mindset of your customer.

What if your customer is both?

Then your marketing message must address the needs of both, or better yet, create two marketing campaigns.

Don’t panic, I’m not asking you to put two billboards up on the interstate.  This can be as simple as creating two separate blog posts and or articles and posting them on the net.  Remember to track your links so you’ll know how to tweak your message!

A great example I can use here is the marketing we do for my husband.  We can not use the same content to sell his music to a music lover and a talent buyer.  They both have the mindset of ‘what can this product do for me’, however, the talent buyer is looking to be motivated by the additional revenue he or she can earn by having Jefferson play at their venue and the music lover wants to be entertained.

Same product is being marketed, a different focus is used to capture the interest and mind set of each customer.

So… if we should meet up at a networking event will you be able to describe your perfect customer?

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