Anyone relying on word of mouth or referrals to grow their business knows that lifestyle marketing can be a powerful method of attracting new business.

What is Lifestyle Marketing?

In a nutshell it’s leveraging your lifestyle (figuratively or literally) to market your business.  It was how business was done before “marketing” became an industry.

Remember the old saying…

“Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Well my take on that is “share something you love and you’ll never have to sell a thing“!  This is why lifestyle marketing works so well in MLM companies.  Not only are they selling products, they are also selling an opportunity… a lifestyle. Give people the glimpse of a great lifestyle and they will want in!

We see this in other industries as well, entertainment for example.  Record labels know they can “sell” the dream and so the music just becomes a way to market a lifestyle instead of the product.  Once established the brand can sell anything to it’s market, not just music.

Think of how some commercials use celebrities to endorse products… I mean I really can’t imagine Sarah Jessica Parker dying her own hair but I can believe that the product she endorses may fit perfectly into her busy lifestyle.

Lifestyle is a marketing vehicle, but how does it relate to the entrepreneur?

Well it depends on your target audience and how you want to reach them. Think of how you use the product and services you sell, how are they integrated into your life…how can you communicate that?

Now a days it’s so easy to update social media.  Are you using it effectively?

Let’s say I want to market my husband’s latest CD.  I can say “buy our new CD”… or I can share how I use the CD to put our little night owl to sleep.  Seriously!  When nothing else works I can count on Azalea.

Who is my target for this specific marketing piece? Parents!

Parents who like us have tried a million things and are looking to try a million and one.  I can post this on my social media, on forums about helping children to sleep and easily share with friends and family.  I may get a few sales, but more importantly, I’ll get a lot more click through to his website than just offering a product sale.  From there, they may sign up to his newsletter, or buy a t-shirt or whatever.  The point is, this kind of marketing is a natural way to share a solution.

I love leveraging my time this way.  Another example of this…I used to carry a great looking gift basket around in my car.  (I own a gift basket company that specializes in gifts for the corporate market).

AND HERE IS MY SPECIAL TIP FOR TODAY – Going through the drive through may lose you business!!!

If I was going to the bank, the post office, where ever I would take that basket in with me.  People would ask me who it was for and I would have to say I’m sorry, I’m on my way to a meeting to show off the design (which was usually the truth) and I didn’t want to melt the chocolate by leaving it in the car.  It never failed to create conversation and I always left with a lead.

I leveraged an errand and created a lead for my business!

How are you leveraging your lifestyle?

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