I bought a new car a few weeks ago.

Not a new to me one either.  I picked up a brand new, still smells like the factory, shiny “blue flame” (yes, we nick name our cars around here)

Sales people really don’t have to do a lot when I come into the show room.  By that time, I’ve pretty much researched, test driven, worked out my payment schedule and pre-sold myself on the make and model I want.  Show me a funky colored car in my payment range and I’ll drive it off your lot that night.

I bought a few cars in my life time, 3 in the last 4 years so the excitement of picking up a new car has long lost it’s shine.  And this time would have been no different IF it weren’t for a little thing the salesman did.

After he went through the manual and set up  my blue tooth, details that puts him at the top of my customer service list anyway, he did something that created excitement AND action on my part.

He took my picture with my cell phone!

Now if I was as tech savvy as I pretend to be, I would have texted that photo out to my social networks right then.  Instead I be-poped all the way home and did it the minute I got home.

My Kia Forte

As a Marketing Enthusiast, I thought this was a great way to create conversation and increase his chance at referrals from my network.

Are there ways you can engage your customer in the referral process?

Thinking about the Gift Basket business, we could have taken pictures of the delivery and emailed the photo to the recipiant.  If they used it to say thank you, especially using their social media, there is no telling the reach of referral possibilities.  A free marketing technique leveraging an activity that is already in place.

This has GREAT brainstorming potential and I would love to know your ideas.

PS:  Ask for Jack Lanier at Kia of Savannah

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4 Responses to Monday Marketing Motivation and Engaging Your Customer In The Referral Process

  1. Dawn Orbeck says:

    Great ideas! Another way to do it would be to send the pic on the front of a greeting card to thank the customer. If their picture is on the front of the card (with their cool new set of wheels!) that card will either go with them so they can show it to people or they will post it on their refrigerator – everyone who walks by will see it! It makes for a great conversation starter that can lead to a friendly referral!

  2. Tami says:

    GREAT idea Dawn!!! I love the smell of potential in the morning!

  3. Candy says:

    Another great thing to do is simply thank customers for giving referrals on the monthly email/letter. “Thank you to XYZ for giving us 4 referrals last month! We appreciate it” or even adding something like “Special thank you to XYZ for giving us 4 referrals last month – your $25 coffee gift certificate is on the way!”

    Companies love to get noticed (and get stuff for free is always appreciated) and it makes others interested in participating.

    Nice car! Enjoy!

  4. Tami says:

    Thanks Candy! This is a fantastic idea. It reminds me of a board my chiropractor had in his office listing all the customers bringing in referrals. Maybe I’m a bit of an overachiever but I always enjoyed seeing my name up there.

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