I love to write!

Despite the fact I spell so poorly that spell check can’t always help me and that the rules of English grammar have always escaped me, I persevere.

Writing is a big part of marketing for the solo-preneur.  From blogging to articles to social media updates, written communication and information sharing is key to our success.

If you’re like me you may need a little help.

“Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation” by Lynne Truss has become a much need resource (along side my dictionary) when I write.

Here are 10 Common Grammar Mistakes that I’m learning to correct

  1. It’s versus Its – it’s means it is, its means belonging to it
  2. Apostrophes – will make a word possessive, it NEVER makes the word plural.
  3. Well versus Good – well is an adverb that describes the verb, while good is an adjective and it describes the noun.words
  4. A lot – a lot spelled as two words means many, allot means to distribute, alot DOES NOT exist as a word in the English language.
  5. Me and I – The best way to figure this one out is to remove the other party from the sentence.  Which ever sounds correct is the one you use.
  6. You’re versus Your – Here’s a biggie!   You’re means you are, your means belonging to you
  7. They’re, There, Their – They’re means they are, there means there, and their means belonging to them.
  8. Who and Whom – who = he/she and whom = him/her.  The answer will provide the clue
  9. Split Infinitives –  “Try to not split an infinitive.”
  10. Principal is a pal; principle is a rule

Do you have a favorite grammar rule?  Please share.

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