If you were to create a blue print for the ideal up line leader, you’d find Sarah Robbins.  She is knowledgeable, passionate and committed to the network marketing business model.  As one of the top earners in her company, she has built a strong team that helps and supports each other.  Sarah’s team training and consistent teleseminars have helped many people in her organization share their own success story!

Sarah is such an inspiration and I’m thrilled she agreed to share her story with us.

Sarah Robbins

My name is Sarah Robbins, and I am a teacher by trade. I taught kindergarten and first grade in the great state of Michigan for 5 years. While I loved what I did, unfortunately due to the economy I was facing job loss often. I decided to pursue extra streams of income, and that’s how I found my current network marketing company.

I found my company while it was still in the high-end retail settings (which is where it first started). I began to freelance for the brand alongside of my teaching career. Our founders are the creators of Proactiv, the #1 acne system in the world! This time they decided to do for aging what they did for acne. The product line was extremely successful, and quickly became the #1 clinical skincare brand in Nordstrom. They quickly realized that they wanted to change more skin, but also change more lives with an opportunity. Our doctors decided to “bring dermatology to the masses” with network marketing.

I remember the call we received to tell us the news (both my mother and I were working for the company): “The doctors are going to be leaving retail after being very successful and go into direct sales. Do you want to join us?”

My mother knew what an amazing opportunity it was, and quickly convinced me to give it a shot.  Little did I know, my life would radically change over the next few years.

Initially I began working my business part time, selling products. I was earning a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars per month. As a teacher, I was thrilled!

I then learned the power of team building and leverage, and began to ask people to join me in the business. This was the tipping point. I quickly surpassed my teaching income that year, retired, and pursued my passions in life with my home-based business as a vehicle to pursue my dreams.

Today I am in the top 1% of all women in America in my income earning bracket, and we live a life that most dream of. But the best part is, my husband and I are starting our own foundation for women and children that is fully funded through out network marketing business. My home based business became the perfect vehicle for pursuing my passions and dreams!

I now have a flexible schedule, so I can volunteer my time and pursue my passions and dreams. I have the ability to travel the world and meet new friends. I also have the finances that allow me to reach out, and bless the lives of many.  Through this vehicle, it is also an amazing way that you can help others to develop as leaders as well.

I educated myself on our profession, and made a decision to become a leader in our profession! I became confident in my abilities, confident in our profession, and confident in my opportunity! I share this gift with everyone I can!

Sarah Robbins



Sarah Robbins

Sarah Fairless Robbins was a kindergarten teacher by trade. Because of the economy, she was regularly facing the loss of her job. She decided to pursue extra streams of income, and her search led her to the networking profession.

In one school year, Sarah was able to surpass her full time salary, to pursue network marketing full time. Currently, her company recognizes her as a top team builder, as well as their #1 earner, and RFX achiever (the very top of their pay plan). She has been featured in industry publications including Networking Times, as a Master Networker.

Sarah is still a teacher at heart- she is leading the fastest growing organization in the company! Teaching, training, and leadership development continue to be her passion! She takes her position seriously, and “trains to the top”!

Sarah and her husband reside in Michigan, and have started a foundation for women and children, that they are fully funding through their network marketing business.

You can connect with her at: TeamRockinRobbins.Com

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