Is success in your reality?

I snuck off to see Shutter Island Friday afternoon.  Have you seen the trailers?  It is set in the 1950’s on Shutter Island… an asylum for the criminally insane.

I enjoyed the movie! I’m a sucker for those “mind-bending thrillers” and all things that test the limits of the mind.

The criminal mind not withstanding have you ever tested the limits of your thoughts?  My first experience was in learning how to quiet it.  It seems like there is always some idea forming in my head, something that needs to get done or something I wanted to do.  Learning to sit and be still was a huge challenge for me.   My first meditation experience was both mentally and physically painful.  But it really taught me how cluttered our minds can be.  Mine seemed to be full of random thoughts, unfulfilled ideas, and half-truths with varying degrees of doubt.

I was stuck in a pattern of linear thinking.  That “a” had to happen before “b” and “b” had to happen before “c”.  Reality may work that way, but our minds do not.  Our minds create landscapes full of textures and ideas.  Our mind doesn’t leave a spot blank; it allows our experience to assume certain things until we can experience it with our own senses.   Linear thinking blocks us and literally creates walls (aka blank spaces) in our minds making it that much harder to accomplish our goals and live our dreams.

It much the same way a “criminally insane” mind in the movie Shutter Island mind can create a fantasy in which to live, even within the confines of prison, we too can create the landscape of our success in our minds.  To not do this is to create mini prisons in our mind and block ourselves from success.

I’m thinking of a friend wanting to change the color of paint in her kitchen.  She’d like a nice warm sunny yellow, but feels like painting would be a waste of time since she really wants to move the cupboards around and maybe take out a wall or two… someday.  She has no current plans to do the major renovation, but she has blocked herself from painting because she feels there are things she needs to do first.

How can WE tell if we’re building walls or ladders?

Ask yourself:

  1. What am I NOT doing today because I’m waiting for something to happen first?
  2. How long am I willing to wait?
  3. If I can’t go through, can I go around?

This applies to so much in our lives and not just our business mindset.  The reality we create in our mind is the reality we live.  If we THINK we need to wait… then our reality is we wait.  If we THINK we need to act… then we find a way to push through.

To Your Financial Health!

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