Do you get overwhelmed with all you have to learn to market your business online?

I remember getting started thinking I could never read all the emails I had signed up for, or the books suggested… not to mention the classes and conferences.  Both time and money were in short supply and I still had to figure out what exactly I needed to learn.

Recently I read an article in Skirt by Liane Kupferberg Carter that reminded me of those days.  In the article titled My Year In China, the writer shared how her husband picks a new topic to learn each year.  He invests time into learning what he needs to learn, creates a syllabus and spends time learning his new passion.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Honestly, when was the last time you picked up a book and thought, ” oh good this will teach me everything I need to know about…”  Exactly!!!

The other night I was on a training call with Larry Beacham and wouldn’t you know, he said the same thing!  “Create a lesson plan and schedule and get to work learning what you need to know to be successful!”  Think about when you were in school.  By day two you knew where you were going to be at any moment of any day, you had a full list of reading material and an outline of what you’d be covering that year.  Can you imagine doing what the guy in the article did to learn how to grow your business.  Out of curiosity I looked up a marketing degree program…here is an outline from MTSU.  These are the FUNdamentals most entrepreneurs need to learn on the job.

So the question is… can we graduate from our own marketing class?

Of course we can, but we’ll need to invest time and money into learning and doing and tweaking!

The very basic building blocks for any business, whether online or not, is to 1) Build a following (aka loyalty) 2) Sell Something and 3) Repeat.  There are many ways to build your business, but a solid foundation is a must for long term success.  The tools you use will depend on the business you’re building.  But know this, we’re not really blazing any new trails.  There are people out there to help us achieve our goals.  Coaches and mentors are indispensable guides on the road to success.  There is someone to teach you want you need to learn.  Setting up your syllabus will give you direction and goals and allow you to recognize help when it arrives.

Take a few minutes and write down 3 things you need to learn over the next few months to grow your business and Google a lesson plan.  Category ideas for learning or tweaking an online business may include:

Social Media – facebook, linked in, special interest social groups…

Online presence – website, blogs…

Effective Writing – blogs, articles, social wall posts, forms, emails, newsletters, e-books…

Video – promotion, training, lifestyling…

Training – teaching value, outsourcing, support staff, duplication…

Leadership development – personal development, competencies…

Tool Maintenance – using tools effectively to execute your plan, staying up to date on current trends…

You want to create many avenues that lead to your business, but don’t feel like you have to build them all at the same time!  To quote an awesome feel good movie…”If you build it, they will come.”   I would love to know your success stories!!!

To Your Financial Health!

Tami Ross

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