Someone asked me this question not too long ago and honestly I didn’t have an answer off the top of my head.  In fact it took a few weeks to really feel good about my answer.

In truth, these questions are meant to be motivators.  A call to action that opens your mind to possibilities and kicks starts your ability to dream.  I really enjoy these focused action items.  They create moments to step away from the day to day grind and give an opportunity to check in with the overall vision.

“I well-spent day brings happy sleep.”  Leonardo da Vinci

The question: How would you spend your day if you didn’t have to make money? Got me thinking about a number of other questions which lead to a personal brainstorming session.  I was motivated… I wanted to truly answer this question.

First, I didn’t want to over tax my brain worrying about how I got to the point where I didn’t have to work and you shouldn’t either.  Pick today.  Pick your life today but pretend your paycheck just shows up like magic and the time invested into that paycheck is yours to spend however you want.

Second, map out your entire IF day.  Map out tomorrow from the minute you wake up until you go to bed.  What did you do, what did you eat, who did you see and best of all how did you feel???

Textures are important.  You know the “song remembers when” or the smell of chocolate chip cookies… it’s got to be more than just the vision.  It’s got to be wrapped up with all the things that make the IF day memorable.  What textures can you re-call to keep the memory fresh on the days you need it most?

For me it is a song.  Something I can plug into and in 3 minutes or less I’m completely pumped.  It represents my IF day and of course it’s always changing as is the entire soundtrack to my life.

So in case no one’s ever asked you.  How would you spend your day IF you didn’t have to make money?

Third, find something in your IF day and do it… even if you have to spend your day making money!

To Your Financial Health!

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