My uncle Merle was my first mentor long before I understood the word.  He passed away when I was young but I have great memories of his lessons.  On one particularly cold stay-inside-and-watch-TV day he told me that I would learn one new thing every day and that I should be mindful of that information because at some point it will be useful.

It’s a habit for me now.  When I come across something new I think to myself, wow that’s my new thing for today…

I mention this because as an online marketer learning one new thing a day isn’t the challenge, it is balancing learning ALL the things you need to learn that can create a feeling of being overwhelmed.  Once you really feel overwhelmed a whole lot of other issues seem to jump on board and it begins to seem easier to quit.  I’ve listed 3 symptoms of being overwhelmed that can show up a little before the breaking point.

The first sign of being overwhelmed is thinking you can’t do it. Well you can.  Go back to the basics and learn one new thing.  Study it until you know it and then move on to the next.  If at any time you feel yourself thinking you can’t, recognized that you are just overwhelmed and you need to refocus on a smaller piece of the puzzle.

Another sign of being overwhelmed is the feeling of panic. Have you ever felt like you needed to learn 3 months of knowledge over night so you could take advance of an opportunity?  There is a fine line between excitement and panic.  Excitement is the rush.  Panic sets in when you feel you are losing something.   Don’t worry.  There will be another opportunity; there will be lots of them.  Start learning now so you can be ready for it when it comes back to you.

My favorite sign of being overwhelmed is the entitlement to being cranky. Have you ever noticed how people will justify their cranky and rude behavior because they are overworked or have too much on their plate?  They are overwhelmed!    When you find yourself snapping at people, step out of the overwhelmed “space” and break down the to do list.  Move what can be moved til tomorrow and focus on what can be done right now.

Mindfulness and self awareness can be a hard road.  Being aware of how you deal with certain pressures will help you recognize the overwhelmed trap before you fall into it.  We can all be a little overwhelmed from time to time, we just don’t want to let it convince us that our dreams or goals are too difficult to achieve!

Find success within the smaller steps and it will nourish your hope.

To Your Financial Health!

Tami Ross

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