“Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

It’s all relative… Monday’s that is.  I (at a very basic level) love to work.  It never really mattered what I was doing, I always found some kind of joy in it so Monday’s became my favorite day of the week.  It’s kind of funny, because I really hated Monday’s for a long time… about 12 years!

I’m sure I learned something of value during the time spent in school, but mostly I felt I couldn’t measure up.  The elusive A’s were reserved for my smarter peers and I, with the gift to gab, would graduate an average student but as valedictorian.   A small victory, because although I was voted the honor, all over North America the valedictorian “wins” the role because of their grades.  I instantly had a new set of peers I could identify with.  It’s all relative… labels that is.

Graduation allowed me to put a cap on the years of dreaded Monday’s and step into a new world with new rules that would allow me to choose a path of happiness.  Tomorrow IS fresh and with opportunity.  I know it’s easy for me to say don’t hate Monday because of what it represents (a job you hate, the view from your front door, the unpaid bills on your night stand) to you.  But what if Monday, what if today was the day you threw a pebble into the pond and a few years from now the ripples reached your shore.  What if you woke up today and believed that a well thought action you took today would be the start of a new path.  Today is such a day for those kind of what ifs my friend!

Today I want you to step out of your door and give yourself a minute.  Close your eyes; take a deep breath and while you’re letting it out envision YOUR dream.  Are you leaving a house, a condo, a loft??? Are you leaving in a car, an SUV, a limo???  What does it look like?  Are you heading to a job you love, a business proposal for a new idea you’re pitching, a lunch date with friends in the middle of the day???  Do this every day.  The split second action you are taking will prompt you to see the opportunities to make it happen.  Live in the hope that each successful step brings.

To Your Financial Health

Tami Ross

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