I understand the feeling towards “earning” a place at the podium or “paying your dues”, but allowing yourself to think like that or verbalize it AGAINST someone else… comes across as petty…  even when you’re not alone in that judgment.

It brings to mind Taylor Swift winning all those CMA’s so early in her career.  The next day I was surfing the web and couldn’t believe all the negative will out there.  People were mad she received such high honors.  For every congratulation post, there were 10 really negative comments.  I honestly was shocked but maybe I shouldn’t have been.  And this isn’t just about celebrities; recently I saw a video of a young boy reciting movie lines… I thought it was so cute and my daughter watched it no less than 14 times, but a quick glance through the 20,000 + posts reveals more negative comments than positive ones.

And what does that reveal about us?

Are we jealous of what we don’t have (even when we don’t want it)?  Does anyone really ever earn “it” in our eyes?

We support gold medal gymnasts who must win their gold at a very young age, we can even over look Mary Lou Retton’s tiny hop so that she could sweep the board with 10’s… but maybe those 10’s, although we had nothing to do with them, are ok because we can take personal pride in them as Americans… even if they weren’t really perfect.

So my challenge to you today is to take pride in success!  Every week there is someone in your town winning an award, being recognized, inspiring someone, accomplishing a goal, and meeting with THEIR OWN success.  I encourage you once a week to practice celebrating success by sending them a note of congratulations… even if you don’t know them.  That is 52 acts of POSITIVE will a year!

To Your Financial Health!

Tami Ross

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One Response to How A Jealous Approach to Success Prevents Us From Joining The Celebration

  1. Ken Klemm says:

    I want to congratulate YOU for a brilliant post!
    Celebrating success attracts success. Living in the positive emotions attracts things to empower them.

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