As a wife, mother, project manager, business owner, director of marketing and perpetual student it would seem that I live to break the world’s record for multitasking!

The truth is, I value FUN and enjoy inspiring my gypsy soul.

My husband, Jefferson Ross, is a performing singer songwriter and inspires me everyday.  He takes snippets of life, creates 3 minute stories with them and shares them with the world.  It gives me great pride that our lifestyle allows us to pursue our dreams and support each other along our journey.


 “We’re in the fun business, if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing our jobs.”
Cowboy Jack Clement

7 Responses to About Tami

  1. Terri Cannon says:

    Tami! Hello my friend! So after chatting over coffee this morning I checked out your blog -and I have to say I’ve just spent the last hour reading your posts! Very inspirational, entertaining and interesting!
    I have to tell you how impressed I am at how often you post on your blog!
    Let’s get together again soon!
    Happy Holidays! Terri

  2. Terri Cannon says:

    PS- Love your profile picture!

  3. Tom Rusch says:

    How great is this…your blogs are excellent and speak to each and everyone of us. If we would just allow it the time.
    I’ll be following along…Happy Holidays.

  4. Mary says:

    Tami, I’m very impressed with your personal growth and everything that you have put into place to build your success. I’m proud to know you and will be a regular visitor to your informative and inspiring blog. You’re a very good mentor and role model for anyone who wishes to empower themselves and work from home doing what they love. You rock, Tami! And…yes, I love your profile picture, too. Beautiful. Hugs!

  5. Ben Wolf says:


    Congrats on your recent Spirit of the Chamber Belong Award. So well deserved! Great photo.

    Your friends at the Nashville Area Chamber,
    Ben Wolf and team

  6. I’m so proud of you Tami. You’ve found your niche and you’re taking it all the way to the finish line! Go Tami go! Can I be your running partner? :-) To the finish line that is.
    May there always be a song in your heart!
    Your cheerleader;

  7. Shannon Q says:

    This blog is a thrill-ride! You combine biz and play nicely. Awesome for Moms too.

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