Lately I’ve been talking with a lot of people who have more than one iron in the fire… between day jobs, maintaining a house and chasing passions how can we maintain focus for all our priorities?

If we are working a day job to pay the bills with the hopes of eventually turning our passion into a full time business, how often do the two worlds collide?  Personally, I think drawing a line between the two is important for our own sanity.   Focus is a practice.  Giving your boss your undivided attention during work hours translates into giving yourself undivided attention during your own business building activities.

Focus is an important ingredient in success.  You can use it to keep your eye on the prize and on the details.  When building a business focus is the skill on which everything hinges.

Here are few tips that may help…

  1. Keep a note book or voice recorder handy – When an idea pops into your head write it down or record it… don’t think you’re going to remember it.  At the end of the day take a minute to organize your ideas into a central location.  I like breaking mine down by category and keeping them in a folder on my computer
  2. Master a skill – Growing a business on your own involves wearing many hats.  It means stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new skills that will help you grow your business.  Don’t feel you have to learn everything today.  Pick one avenue that interests you and master it.  Invest time, stay focused and make it work.
  3. “Knowing is half the battle” – You may be shocked to learn this… I know I was… our brains are not built for multi-tasking.  IE cell phone traffic accidents.

    Brain Rules by John Medina is a great resource for learning about how the brain learns.  Everyone processes information differently and it’s important to know what works for you.  For me, learning and then teaching helps solidify how I think and feel about certain topics and processes.  It’s fun for me and keeps me motivated.   I must also mention that it’s efficient.  I don’t have to read something over and over because I’m using the information I’m learning.

If you have more tips to help keep us on task and the distractions at bay please post them in the comments.

To Your Financial Health

Tami Ross

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