“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” Yogi Berra

A mission statement should clearly state the Purpose, the Business and the Values of your vision in a positive and motivating way.  I know… it kind of brings up images of a pumped and emotional Jerry Maguire a few hours before he lost his job.  Not unlike the movie, a motivating and personal mission statement can be a call to action.  There is no need to be overwhelmed with creating an epic manifesto.  Your call of intention, your mission statement, really is just for you and your team if you so wish.

I visit my mission statement every year and it’s something I do share with my family.  I print it and put it in the first page of my binder.  I don’t have a name for my binder, but it’s a ½ sized white binder that I clean out every December and rebuild over the year.  It has my goals and intentions, lists things to learn and activities to accomplish over the year.  It’s always within arm’s reach and a source of motivation on the days I need it.

Creating a mission statement

The Purpose: write a sentence or two about the reason behind your business or activity.  For example, the purpose of my blog is to share motivating actionable ideas with the work from home professional.

The Business: write a sentence or two about the main activity of the business.  Good questions to ask may be is “it” for profit or non-profit, established or in need of growth, solutions offered, etc.  My business can be the maintenance of the actual blog and how it supports my purpose.

The Values: write down your values.  I love this exercise.  The first time I really focused on my actual values was after reading the book 10-10-10.  In it, Suzy Welch discusses using your values to support your decisions based on how it will affect you in the next 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years.  After putting some thought into it I decided that what I valued most was Communication (i.e. Connection), Fun, Creativity and Dreaming Big.  They are important enough to list in my mission statement.

I recommend summing it all up with a tag.  A tag line is your own “Just Do It”.  I cheated and stole mine from the Ross Clan.  Success Nourishes Hope!  I love it.  My husband used to laugh that it seemed a little backwards to him, but it perfectly described how I really felt.  When we break down our desires into achievable goals, our success in those actions encourages us to keep going.  Our hope is nourished by our own actions, our small steps forward.

A clear mission statement can keep you focused and centered when there are so many things to do and so many avenues to take.  Stay true to your mission!

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To Your Financial Success!

Tami Ross

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