Lack of LEADS and CASH FLOW… these two issues worry most business owners… especially when the business is new.  It takes more than three years for a business to hit its stride and statistically most never do.

“Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” Ted Turner

Now a day we need to do more than advertise.  We have to be proactive and selective.  When opening a business that requires us to wear a lot (and by that I mean all) of hats we really need to focus our attention on revenue producing activities.  Where marketing is concerned it is important to create a daily schedule, perfect the skills and duplicate successful results.

Today we are going to address creating a 3 step Plan of Attraction.  Your Plan of Attraction is the tread of activities that anchor your marketing and sales efforts and position you as the leader in your industry.

Step 1

By now you should have a Mission Statement that details your Purpose, Business and Values.  When reading through your mission statement does a customer profile emerge?  Do you know the customer you want to work with?  What solutions does your business offer?  By knowing the type of customer you want to attract you can create content directed toward solving their problems.  There are various ways to share your content with prospects from blogs and articles to forms and discussion groups… the goal here is to customize your content.  When I was courting lawyers for my gift basket company I needed to learn the local environment.  Which law offices are the biggest, who was merging with who, what problems did they face, when did the need my product… this was simple research.  Subscribing to a couple of relevant online magazines and taking a few lawyers out for lunch helped me understand the climate and provided enough inspiration for months of content.

Step 1 is to know and understand who you want to attract

Step 2

People are attracted to and want to work with leaders.  It is just the way we are built.  Positioning yourself as a leader is key to attracting business.  This can be both an online and offline adventure.  From joining local committees and networking groups to maintaining a steady online presence, the leadership building activities are endless.  It’s amazing to me how often I meet company CEOs and community leaders by engaging in local committees that speak to one of my passions.  Sharing a common interest is a great way to create conversation and meet the people that will help leverage your business… all while doing community service.

Step 2 is to be a leader

Step 3

You’ve streamlined and focused your attention.  You’ve reached out and grown a contact list both locally and online.   You’re feeling secure in your knowledge of specific industries and their needs and maybe you’ve even grown more than one targeted group at the same time.  Now you’re ready to duplicate your efforts.  Either by addressing another targeted audience, or broadening a current target from town to state or state to country.  Maybe you’re hiring and training staff or you’re going to start franchising…  Regardless, you have a successful model you can now duplicate.

Step 3 is to duplicate

I’ve written them down in step format, but they will overlap and must engage with your marketing plan.  They are meant to give focus and allow us to ask questions of ourselves when things are not going the way we expect.  My Plan of Attraction is not more than 10 lines and lists the activities and goals I have for the specific clientele I want to attract and work with.  I encourage you to take a few minutes and write down the things you can do to attract customers and be the leader you are.  Add it to the binder with your Mission Statement and don’t forget to look at it from time to time!

To Your Financial Health!


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