There are two major road blocks in building a business.  Finding leads and communicating with them.  There are many ways to find and attract leads, but converting them into sales usually takes talking to them.  It’s always rough in the beginning because you’re trying to find the way that works for you.  Cold calling or warm calling was never really an issue for me.  It’s not my favorite thing to do but I worked in call centers for years and spent my life as a teenager practicing for a job on the telephone.

If you find yourself nervous when you think about calling leads and if it is holding back your success please take a look at these 3 ideas to help get you talking.

1. Schedule time – EVERYDAY!

Find an hour of time everyday you can devote to talking to leads.  Spend the first few weeks finding the best time of day to call and track your results.  This will help you create a schedule that fits your lifestyle as well as provides the best outcome for your effort.

2. Have A Ritual

I know I harp on this… but it’s so important especially if you are overcoming a fear or a feeling of being uncomfortable.  I was watching Angela Lansbury on Sunday morning last week and she was talking about how some days she didn’t want to get on stage, but as she sat at her makeup table and participated in the ritual of becoming her character she would become excited about getting on stage that night.  As a call center rep I had to wear a headset.  At first I thought I’d hate it, but there was something about wearing that headset, that for me made me feel powerful and settled. I would put my headset on in the employee bathroom and while I walked to my desk I imagined myself as an astronaut walking to the launch pad… goofy I know… but it worked.  I’d settle into my desk and talk for 8 hours.  It was a simple image in my mind but it made all the difference in how I presented myself on the phone.

3. Know Your Script

Practice and know your script.  As funny as this may sound it takes time to sound natural on the phone.  Think about all the times you’ve listened to voice mail messages and how different the person leaving the message sounds than in “real life”.  Most companies will give you a script as will most leaders in a direct sales company.  Try them, tweak them, find what works for you but use them until you get comfortable.  On the flip side remember that each person you call is hearing from you for the first time.  What you say and how you say it has an impact.  Little things like standing up and smiling while you talk can have a huge impact on your delivery.

To Your Financial Health

Tami Ross

PS: If you’d like help with your telephone scripts please contact me directly we’ll brain storm some ideas…

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