52 Weeks Forward
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Journey Jar


My friend gave me a journey jar as a gift and I wanted to share it’s significance to 52 weeks forward.

We’re all on a journey. Even those of us heading down the same path will find that their journey is unique to them. And that is where the journey jar comes in.

Shelly is a film professor in New Mexico and I only get to see her a few times a year. On her journey home this year she gave me and few other friends these jars. We will spend the year collecting and honoring our journeys and this time next year we will get together to share some of the significant moments.

I love it! So often we make huge progress in our lives. Or experience momentous change and we’re hard on ourselves. Maybe we didn’t go as far as we wanted or we forget how far we’ve come.

Embracing the journey and documenting it is the central theme of 52 weeks forward.

Making a Journey Jar

Journey JarNaturally any container will work, but I gotta say, I love mason jars. There is just something about them that makes me feel connected to the past, grounded in the present and encouraged for the future.

Shelly stamped a copper tag with the words journey jar. As a perfectionist, this became a bit of a journey for her. Letting go of the need for the letters to align and embracing the charm that each of these will be unique in their sameness.

She wrapped the top with a rustic piece of ribbon and tied on the tag.

Simple and beautiful.

I put my jar on my Paris shelve, it’s where I keep all my books on Paris, bits and pieces I’ve brought back and my plans to travel there as soon as I can.

Memories in a Jar

So what am I going to put in my journey jar this year?

It started yesterday with a movie stub. A movie I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like but was thrilled to see so I could spend a little time with my friends.

Making Memories for the Journey Jar

I laughed through the whole thing. Laughed so hard I cried twice.

There will more movies, trips, restaurants, and adventures, but I will add a lot of my 52 weeks forward into my jar as well.

How will you remember your journey?

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ~J.M. Barrie



When you have full faith in the integrity and character of someone it can be summed up in one word – trust. The confidence we have in that person will help inform our decisions and choices.

So the question to ponder this week is, do you trust yourself?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. This idea that following your heart means trusting yourself and believing that those around you trust you too.

Going for your dreams, and digging in to focus on a goal usually creates change and with change can come an opportunity to second guess yourself. It’s only normal. We can sometimes stress over the simplest decisions but “know it”, “feel it” when we come across the right choice. This feeling, our intuition, is an important tool to cultivate and trust. Instinct isn’t magic, it just feels like it is.

How to Trust Your Instincts

If it interests you investigate it. Those ideas that keep you up at night could be your instinct trying to valid your passion.

Follow through and hard work are necessary to support your instinct if it’s to lead to success. Commitment is the one thing you truly have control over.

Study your world and believe in your growing expertise. As your knowledge grows, your instincts become sharper.

Set new rules for yourself and allow yourself to anticipate solutions, even when it means going against the grain.

Ideas are fluid and evolve as long as we are open to change. Trusting your instincts means allowing yourself the freedom to adapt.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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‘”Meow” means “woof” in cat.’ – George Carlin

Changing the meaning of Language


We are amazingly complex creatures with language variations that boggle the mind.

I grew up hearing that sticks and stones could break my bones but that names would never hurt me, only to learn that name calling does hurt. It hurts deeply and profoundly and that these unseen scars can cause a lifetime of pain. Why is that? Why can a name, a sound in the air, create so much discomfort?

I think it’s important to take charge of language and understand that like all things, it’s subjective.

If I had a nickle for every time I was called stubborn as a child I would own the world’s supply. Maybe I was stubborn, maybe I wasn’t, but this really came down to someone’s opinion of my behavior. My being stubborn wasn’t valued and I was always being asked to changed my behavior. Then a funny thing happened. I moved to Nashville, TN and started working in an environment that needed my unique talent. But you know, they never called me stubborn. I started hearing this new word. Tenacious. It was a light bulb moment for me. They essentially mean the same thing, but tenacious sounds so much more positive. It sounds like a talent!

Language can shoot us down or lift us up – we’ve got to make the choice on which way we want to go.

Just recently I was taking with my husband about my “what ifs”. It’s been a touchy subject. His perspective is that I worry too much. My perspective is that I’m completely prepared, honestly what if there is a zombie apocalypse – I’m so ready! What was important to me was to flip what the language meant. I’m a planner. I help people breakdown their goals into actionable items. I help assess situations, find opportunities and create options to success – in order to do this I need to thing about the what ifs and create paths for each scenario. Essentially I help to create a choose your own living the dream adventure. In this format, my what ifs sounds like a talent.

See what we’re doing here?

This week, take a look at that word, that piece of language that keeps coming up in your life. Is it really a natural strength that you just need to learn how to harness for good?

My favorite book for digging in and focusing on our talents is Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton, Ph D. I mentioned this book is Week Two. We have so many words to explain our short comings, but few to explain our brilliance. Understanding our strengths in such a way that we live within our truth and we share that with the world is profound. Sometimes we just have to change the language.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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If there was an over arching theme for 52 weeks it would be planning and executing a timeline. I know it’s easy to get so caught up on the planning that we don’t actually get started. But I also believe that a huge amount of freedom comes from a structure of fundamentals. It sounds counter-intuitive. Structure = Freedom. Let’s dig in.



Create a Timeline that Works

Committing to a timeline of actions to complete within a certain time frame is the best way to ward off procrastination and frustration while staying true to the end goal.

I tend to work backward from a goal or result. But the key is to filter it through your regular timeline.

If you have kids in school, than maybe you work your timeline around their schedule. Paying attention to their terms, breaks and holidays will give you a structure to wrap your activities around.

Maybe your day job has a specific calendar of busy and slow times, of corporate retreats and meetings, that dictate how you manage your personal time.

Maybe you are a member of a religious organization that builds their calendar around specific holidays and events.

These are all great examples of calendar structure that we use to plan our daily lives and it’s important to incorporate these filters when planning our 52 weeks forward.

How To Make a Timeline

1. What is your main goal? Your, “a year from now you will have wished you started today” idea

2. What is your plan to achieve it?

3. What activities will you need to execute in-order to travel toward you goal?

4. Working backward from your goal to today, create a time frame that incorporates your natural calendar.

5. Fill out your personal timeline as it relates to your goal.

6. Looking at your timeline in a visual manner do any barriers pop up? How will you address those?

7. Commit to your timeline.

8. Add in time to measure your progress.

9. Learn from your opportunities and don’t give up.

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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There is nothing like visiting with old friends to be reminded that time is an illusion. Oh there is indication that time has passed (I believe we may be morphing into our parents)… but really it felt like no time had passed at all.

Old FriendsTodd and I graduated from Duncan MacMillan High School in June 1993. That may have been the last time I laid on eyes on him.

Saturday we met at Stone Mountain Park for an afternoon of catching up and adventure. I was excited to meet his wife Tamara. We are friends on Facebook, but had never actually met in person. I love searching through her posts to read up on policies and politics, especially since like me, it’s filtered through the experiences of a Canadian living in the US.

Todd is in the military, doing exactly what he always said he wanted to do. That makes him a double hero in my book. I’m fascinated by those who know their place in the world and do it with such passion and grace. Not only does he stand on guard for thee – Canadians and hockey fans will see what I did there – he is also living his dream. And to top it all off I love that he and Tamara are giving their kids the gift of travel. Stationed in the mid-west, they have been using vacation time to visit every nook and cranky of the good ole US of A. An activity which has brought them to my neck of the woods.

And speaking of kids, our young-ins became fast friends and the park gave them plenty of opportunities to bond. Peyton is devastated they will not be back through anytime soon. It is a big country after all and there is a lot more to see!

SkycourseHopefully it won’t be another 22 years before we see one another again!

Have you connected with an old friend recently? Did it feel like no time had passed?

If you haven’t maybe now is the time to reach out. Social media it’s easier than ever!

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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My dad is one of the hardest working men I know. Which is why I love it when he says he feels like he’s never worked a day in his life.

Love it


Many of us are passionate beings looking to share our gifts with the world. Our days are filled with endless responsibilities and distractions and staying true to the vision for our future becomes work. Even when we love it.

Because of my dad, I never grew up thinking that work and having fun were on two different ends of the spectrum.

That’s not to say that work isn’t work. I knew he had long nights, heavy loads and can count on one hand the number of sick days he took. I know he had bad days, stolen merchandise and unpaid receivables. But I also know he loves it.

My mantra, living the dream, is a little ode to my dad. My dad, a successful business owner who never felt like he worked a day in his life because he loves what he does. And it’s all he ever wanted for us too.

This week’s journal entry should explore this idea of loving what you do. When we do more of what we love we feel strong. Our moods can be better and we may even feel focused enough to take another step toward our dream.

Draw a line down the middle of your page. On the top of one side write LOVE and on the other side BECAUSE. Now think about all the activities you perform in a typical day and assign them to either category.

How many activities do you do each day that you love? These activities bring you joy, make you feel strong and give you sense of general well being.

How many activities do you do each that you do just because? This is a list for everything else.

How do your lists look? Are they balanced? Does this visual give you an idea on where you can make some changes?

The possibilities and YOU are limitless!


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